Mort Cohen helps clients:

  • ยงCreate New Business Areas
  • Critically Evaluate Proposed Projects
  • Stand Out in their Markets
  • Differentiate their Products
  • Implement and Execute Business Plans

Mort has successfully launched new products in several diverse technology areas:  solar energy, smart grid applications, electric and hybrid vehicles, wireless and fiber optic communications, and analytical instrumentation.

He managed the creation of entirely new business areas for JDSU Corporation and Teledyne. Mort was instrumental in the acquisition of two startup companies by JDSU and Broadcom Ltd., respectively. He also created a brand new wireless product line at Centerpoint, a well-funded Silicon Valley startup.

Mort has consulted for US, Asian, and Israeli companies, has extensive experience with selling in China, and served as an industry analyst for a technology-based hedge fund.  He served as Strategic Advisor to the Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone (SEEDZ) initiative managed by Joint Venture Silicon Valley.  As part of this project, Mort co-authored a community solar feasibility study for the City of Sunnyvale, and supported a project to build the largest EV Charging Center at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, home of the San Francisco 49ers.    

Mort holds an MS/MBA from George Washington University and BSEE from City College of New York.

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Resources                                                                                                   Solar Energy                                                                                                                         Outlook for Solar plus Battery Storage                                                                              Debunking 10 Popular Solar Energy Myths                                                                                 Solar Energy: Emerging from the Shadows                                                                            Surviving the Solar Shakeout                                                                                                 B-Green Collaborative Article Reprint: Renewable Energy-Weathering the Storm                          Solar Industry Consulting Services, 2-page brochure                                                              Will Solar-Generated Electricity Fulfill Its Promise?                                                                        Seeing Solar Energy in a Different Light: Concentrating Photovoltaics as an Alternative to Silicon and Thin Film PV

Smart Grid
Smart Grid, Smart Business?                                                                                                    Role of Fiber Optics in the Intelligent Substation
Presentation at UCLA Smart Grid Thought Leadership Forum 

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Vehicle of the Future: Choices, Challenges and Opportunities

Wireless Communications
4G Wireless: Hype vs. Reality